A Match Made In Heaven

I want to give you an update on Marigold and Topaz (formerly Mirshee and Marshee) as they’re nearing the six-month anniversary in their forever home. In a nutshell:  what wonderful munchkins!!  And what tremendous progress they’ve made.

Marigold is a loving little girl, and it’s hard to believe that Topaz was once labelled “a shy cat”.  They’ve blossomed in their loving environment and are such happy cats!  It’s taken a while, but they’re both now sleeping on the bed at night; they’re getting spoiled and I hear from people that “they’ve got your number”; and, heaven seems to be stretching out on their heating pads while we’re watching TV in the evenings.

I’m attaching a photo I took of them today while they were lounging on their “Marty Crane Chair” – need to watch “Frasier” for that reference.

We’re “attached” and I love them!

Bridget Damps.