A Loving Tribute to Jones

MEOW recently received a heartwarming and bittersweet email from a family who had to say a final goodbye to their beloved cat. Theirs is a beautiful story of love, friendship and compassion.

When handsome Siamese cat Mr. Jones was born in Sussex, England in 2004, he would soon enter into a wonderful world of new adventures. Meeting Andy, Sam and their daughter Lauren, was the first step towards a new life with a loving family. It was a milestone, not only for him, but for the family who decided he was the one.

“He actually picked us when we went to look at all the kittens,” says Andy. “He just lifted his head out of his hammock on a radiator and gave a look which said, ‘Yes you’ll do, I’ll go with you.'”

Mr. Jones became affectionately known as Jones or Jonesy, with his full name only being used on the rare occasion that he misbehaved.

“He was the most affectionate, friendly and lovable cat we have ever had. He was always chatty and talkative and always let you know what he wanted,” says Andy.

When Andy’s family decided to move to Calgary, there was no question that Jones and his stepsister Casey were coming with them. Flights were booked, paperwork was completed and these jet-setting felines embarked on a new adventure.

Jones lived many more happy years in Calgary. However, as he grew older, arthritis and the natural process of aging led him to slow down. Andy made life more comfortable for him by building him steps, a raised bed to protect him from drafts and a window sunbed for warm afternoon snoozes.

Sadly, Jones eventually became very ill and in recent weeks, his family were forced to say goodbye. He will be forever missed by Andy, Sam and Lauren, who cherish the many memories they have of their Jonesy.

In memory of their beloved Jones, Andy and his family wanted to lend a hand to other cats in need. They contacted MEOW to donate food, toys, beds, medicine and other items. Thank you for your generosity. We are so grateful for these donations as they will help so many cats, both in our Adoption Centre and in the wider community.