A Kitty Named Minuette

It has been about 3 years since we adopted our beautiful kitty Minuette. I wanted to say thank you.

I often think about the MEOW Foundation when I meet people interested in adopting a cat. I send them your way. Without your hard work I would have never been able to love and care for this little beauty. Minuette lives with her canine brother and sister Peyton and Maverick and her feline brother Jaspurr. She is the greatest companion, she is always around when we need a smile put back on our face and she loves life. She really is spoiled though which is how it should be. We feel honored to be the ones she chose.

As volunteers to an animal rescue group we always have and always will give a forever home to any animal that should have never had to feel alone in the first place. Thank you for your fantastic work and I hope all the people I tell about the MEOW Foundation have made a difference in a cat’s life.

Thanks for giving Minuette the chance to steal our hearts.

Laura L.