A Maine Coon Named Chipper

I adopted a long-haired Maine Coon named Chipper three years ago from your organization. I’d never owned a pet before so I wanted to make sure that the one I adopted was the perfect companion for myself and that I was a compatible for him.

I went to the Adoption Centre and spent a good hour watching and meeting each of the cats. Chipper (we’ve since nicknamed him Fatty) was in the basement on the top of a stand and was very playful. He loved chasing the toys I had him playing with. He was very fast and playful. The second I went to pet him he started to purr loudly. He even started kneading! I was sure he would be my cat but I didn’t want to rule out the other cats I hadn’t seen yet. When I went into another room to visit another cat I could see Chipper poking his head in from the window in the door. He had climbed up onto the closest cat tower and was following the toy I had in my hand while pawing at the door. After going back out to play with him I knew he would be my cat I would love, take care of, play with and protect for the rest of his life. He had found his ‘Forever Home’.

I never was a cat person growing up so I wasn’t exactly sure how to take care of him or what kind of behaviours to expect. When expressing my concerns to the staff at the Adoption Centre, they gave me information on the best veterinarians, groomers, pet supply stores, etc to go to in Calgary. My brother died a short while before adopting Chipper and he really helped me with the pain I was going through. He was my fur therapy. He would fall asleep every night snoring with his head turned up and would purr every time I would pick him up. He really lives up to the Maine Coon description of being the ‘gentle giant’. He is an incredible creature.Chipper

I wanted to say thank you MEOW Foundation for rescuing this beautiful cat and allowing him to be a part of my life. The work you guys do changes lives. Three years have passed and I don’t regret a single day Chipper has been in my life. He has been such a wonderful addition to my life and the life of my family and friends. I couldn’t imagine my life without my ‘Fatty’.

Thank you again for everything.

Carolyn G.