Lindsey and Jake

Jake and Lindsey

I was looking through the site the other day, and I came across a picture of Jake (MEOW Name Scoots) in the Adopted Cats area. I just wanted to write in and give you an update on this wonderful beast of a cat.

When I got Jake, he was a bit of a shy cat – any sudden movements sent him scurrying under the nearest piece of furniture, where he’d peer out at me looking terrified. It’s taken time and patience, but now Jake loves to be petted (he’s adamant about being petted in the bathtub or on the bathroom counter) and even occasionally enjoys being picked up and packed around the house. He will “yell” at my boyfriend and me if we’re too slow turning the tap on for him to play in the bathtub under a tiny stream of water, and he can be found lying around the house on his back, all stretched out and flat. Sometimes he’ll even talk to himself and roll around. He and Ming (my boyfriend’s cat) became fast friends, and they love to cuddle and chase each other around the house.

My favourite thing about Jake is that he is HUGE, so when I pick him up for hugs, there’s a lot of cat to love. I’ve lost touch with Jake’s foster family, so I’m hoping that this update may reach them as well so they know he’s doing great, and he is very, very loved.

Thanks MEOW, for this wonderful addition to my family!