11 Years with Cuddly Cozmo

My name is Heather, and I wanted to let you know that I adopted the most amazing kitty from you in 2005. I called him Cozmo but I adopted him as Piero (he had concerned, sad like eyes). We moved to Ottawa in 2008 and he came along with us. I had to put him to sleep on Friday and am heartbroken. 🙁

CozmoJust wanted to let you know that Cozmo had 11 happy years with me (separated a couple of years ago). I/we loved him to bits. He was such a gentle natured and hilarious (and sometimes very high maintenance) cat ha! I thought he was more like a dog and demanded walks (on a harness). Everyone loved him and I really lucked out when MEOW Foundation “found” him for me. I think he thought it was his job was to cuddle everyone (he was the biggest “suck”) ha! I will never get a kitten again. It was so amazing to choose an adult cat and know his personality right away. Kittens are always great, but not everyone thinks to adopt adult kitties. It was the best decision!

I will never forget him and miss him terribly. I know that he was happy and wanted to share this with you. Being a nurse, I know how nice it is to hear the positive outcomes of your efforts. Thank you so much for pairing me up with Cozmo!

Heather L.